The Pot Place

The Pot Place, originally set up by Frances Hillier, is a small on-site pottery workshop at Valley View HQ where resident potter Amanda Roberts offers workshops, classes and two- or three-day training courses for Valley View guests and local residents .

Amanda Roberts

Born in north Wales and trained as fine art sculptor at Loughborough university. Since then I have taught community art classes part time at various community education venues in Wales and Bristol.

My immediate environment is my source of inspiration and the coast at Lyme Regis is fascinating and provides an endless source of material that fires my imagination.

I enjoy inspiring others to discover their own creative potential and support them to find their own unique way of expressing it in a way that feels right for them.

In my classes you will have an opportunity to explore some basic hand-building modelling techniques, making a unique keepsake that reminds you of your holiday/local environment. I will also have a small selection of pieces that can be decorated.

Classes are aimed at all levels. It would be helpful to me if you are able to let me know what experience you do have and what you would hope to achieve from the session prior to the day.

I do have a portable pottery wheel available to use on request and am happy for people to ‘have a go’ .

These sessions will hopefully fire your imagination and offer a lasting memory of a wonderful holiday experience, or a continual reminder of the beauty of your surroundings.

Cost: £20 per person for the first 2 hours and £15 per any extra hours.  This is for a minimum of 2 people.

One-to-one sessions: £20 per person per hour.

This includes basic material.

For more details please contact Amanda on 07563 662 186 or send an email

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